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VIA Green Computing logo set
VIA has long been a leading proponent of Green Computing, with a focus on power efficiency throughout the design and manufacturing process since 2001, and is proud to lead the market in sustainable computing products. The VIA Green Computing Initiative is a natural extension of this philosophy of developing more environmentally friendly products, and covers a range of computing strategies, each aimed at highlighting different aspects of environmental responsibility: -- Energy Efficient Computing -- Carbon Free Computing -- Solar Computing -- Quiet Computing -- RoHS/Lead-Free Computing
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VIA_Green_Computing_logo.jpg VIA_Carbon_Free_Computing_logo.jpg VIA_Solar_Computing_logo.jpg VIA_Green_Computing_logo_with_slogan_For_a _Cleaner_World.jpg VIA_Carbon_Free_Computing_with_slogan_Breath_Easier.jpg VIA_Solar_Computing_with_slogan_Powering_PCs_with_the_Sun.jpg VIA_Green_Computing_Slogan_For_A_Cleaner_World.jpg VIA_Green_Computing_Slogan_Breathe_Easier.jpg VIA_Carbon_Free_Computing_Certified_System _logo.jpg
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